In this issue: Iris Dement, Bob McWillaims, Opus Band Competition, Frank Lingo, Willie Lewis, Doug Wilson, Randy Wilson, MD Systems, Since City Disciples, Mongol Beach Party, Jeff Frehling, Bill Belzer, Uncle Tupelo, Ranger Bob Wilson, Steve Wagner, Grand Emporium, Jazzhaus, Chris Connoly, Inner Circle, Tom Scott, Bottleneck, Coyote, Truck Stop Love, Lawrence Alternative Music Coalition, Scott Heiple, Industry, Joe Hart, Allen Epley, Zoom, Salty Iguanas, Barry Osbourn, Charlie Wolf, Dave Thompson, Jesse Shayne, Winking Spaniard, The Sequel, Kirbysm Sherry McKennee, Kim Czarnopys, Tool, Slack Jaw, Bill Volmut, Kliph Sculock, Her Ellis Trio, Dave Wendler, Nick Cave, Edward May, Bobby Watson, Steve Ozark, Sonny Landreth, Mike Roberts, Bonham, Lawrence Jenab, Gary Morre, Lelie Bowyer, The Troggs, Jeff Suggs, Obituary, Max Worthington III, Mahoots, Patrick Quinn, Scott Gribble, Steve Wilson, Sedition, Mick WIllis, Ida MCBeth, Bob McWilliams, Groovehead,Jashuas's 12, Matthew Hoover, The Whichdoctors (?), River Vally Music Festival, Bela Fleck, 18th and Vine Jazz Heritage Schedule, Jay Hootie McShann, Ronnie McFadden, Wendell Holmes, KC Jazz and Blues Festival

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Just Added, August 1992 Iris DeMent Featured on the cover
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