In this issues - The 1991 Performance Directory - Another great issue that lists all the Midwest bands.

Agents and Band Representatives

Robert Jr Lockwood, Kim Czarnopys, Craig Owens, Pat O'Connor, DJ Ray Velasquez, Prairie Fire Inc., Chris Stout, Dianna Lynn, Harvey Renft, Roomfull of Walters, Reading Kipling, Mike McDowell, Mercy Records, 2 Car Family, Danny Smith, The Bel Aires, Platonic Bondage, Paw, Smart Studios, Joe Worker, The Grunge, Foxy Foxy, Johnny Rokker, The Heart and the Hand, Faith Healers, Kings Trach, Slate Creek, Phil Ray, Terry Henry, Don Raymer, Ronnie Mills, Donny Ramsey, Backwood, KaCee Webb and the Uptown Express, Steve Ozark, Spin Magazine, Frank Zappa, Bob Beckel, Ray Struther, Frank Lingo, DJ Ray Velasquez, Ranger Bob Wilson, Grand Ole Opry, Emmylou Harris, Maura O'Connel, Van Morrison, Bringing it All Back Home, Culture Under Fire, Danny Alexander, David Cantwell, Dave Marsh, Patrick Quinn, Robert Jr. Lockwood, Steve Ozark, Suzanne Colbert, Robert Johnson, Performance Directory, Bottleneck, The Getaway, Coyote, Grand Emporium, The Nace Brothers, Steve King Photography, Trilogy Big Band, Steve Wagner, The Hollowmen, Jesus Lizard, Season 2 Risk, That Statue Moved, Roach Factory, Marc Maloney, Curt Flowers, Mike Ireland, Edward May, Love Squad, Phillip Wells, Circus Maximus, Max Worthington III, Bobby Watson Jr., Dick Wright, Bobby Watson Discography, 1991 KC Jazz and Blues Fest, Bob Kirby, Todd Wilkinson, La Familia, Papa Kenos

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The Note July 1991

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