The Note November 1989

Inside this issue: Danny Alexander, Pat Quinn, SXSW, DJ Ray Velasquez, Dayanna Yoachim, Fact Sheet Five, Mike Gunderloy, David Byrne, Steve Ozark, Neil Young, Camper Van Beethoven, Maggie Stenz, Ice-T, Sin City Disciples, Steve Topping, MD Systems, Ray Velasquez, Dick Wright, Bottleneck, Great White, Coyote Club, The Meat Puppets, Emily Remier, The Shadow, Chapman Studios, American Royal, Sin City Disciples, The Front, Mike Dick, Ugly, Bela Fleck, Rounder Records, MD Systems, Steve Falke, Homestead Grays, Kill Whitey, Sin City Disciples, Random Aztech, Sound Garden, Kelley Hunt Band, Macbeth, Blind Date, Mother Earth Records, Parlor Frogs, Joe's Drumshop, Todd Wickstrom, Alchemy.

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