In this issue: V&R Records, The Best of Missouri, That Statue Moved, KLZP FM106, Scott Matthews, Kiefs Records, Kim Czarnopys, Debbie's All Girls Revue, Deb Fugett, Carol Spears, Mavis Davis, Kim Murphree, Stacy Stringer, Tammy Wendler, Susan Hyde, Kim Allison, The Jezebels, Jazzhaus, Brian Bollinger, Red Zone, Parlor Frogs, Ida McBeth, Jeff Caton, Be Bop, Ranger Bob WilsonDave Kratzer, The Bad Examples, Nova Mob, The Four HorsemenLeonard Cohen, Edward May, Immolation, Phillip Wells, Blue Aroplanes, Darrel Brannock, Mongol Beach Party, Christian Hinkle, Mark Sotherland, Kyle Dahlquist, Justin Forrest, Joe Worker, Eric McKee, Johnny Stanko, Mick Willis, Rick Musallem, Eric Nelson, MC 900 Foot Jesus, Mark Griffin, Chad D. Lebo, Keith Richards and he Expensive Winos, Mike Roberts, Katie Webster, Franicis Kelly, Frank Lingo, Matthew Sweet, Ray Velasquez, Michael Stipe, Mitch Easter, Bob Cross, Roomful of Walters, Brian Byers, Bronson McAlistre, Simon Worman, The Original Unofficial Joint Smoking Rules, Patrick Quinn, Luke Mitchell, Embarrassment, Micronotz, Kill Whitey, Jackie Becker, Danny Smith, Pig Dog Records, Mark Hennessy, Stephanie Boyd, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Lilacs, Sammy Kershaw, Jay McShann, Bob Kirby, Annette Singer, Todd Wilkerson, MC 900 Ft Jesus, Curt Flowers, Strutter, Amy Robinson, Paradise Cafe, Robin Beyer

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The Note February 1992

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