The Note May 1988

In this issue: William Lewis, Lee Eldridge, Brad McGinnis, Timm Dower, Jim Kilroy, Mark Shelton, Joel Hornbostel, Jim Beilman,  Annie Robertson, Danny Alexander, Jim Doyle, Manilla Road, Vince Mourning, Andy Gregg, Bob Shepherd, Wichita River Fest, Frank Zappa, Ray Velasquez, Mike Nichols, Talking Heads, The Smithereens, David Briggs, Jerry Sumner, Doug Adams, Pat McJimsey, Del Reys, Luis Oliart, Daryl Williams, Backksliders, Red zone, John  Green, JD Wilite, Brian Bollenger, Darrell Lea, Lonesome Houndogs, Homestead Grays, Donnie Miller, The Kid, Brent Kessler, Banshee, Blind Date, Kevin Mahogany, The Apollos, 1988 KU Basketball Championship parade.


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