The Note September 1993

In this issue: Jeff Shibley, Chris Walker, Trucia Quistac, Paul Smith, Music Showcase, Shadow, Lazerpalooza, Young Johnny Carson, Mississippi River Festival, Paw, Mark Hennesy, Mark Shelton, Room Full of Walters, Mike McDowell, Sinister Dane, Clay Ptacek, Baghdad Jones, Sike Blake, William Burroughs, Simon Joyner, Kill Whitey, Lonsome Houndogs, Kevin Mahogany, Mercy Rule, Mousetrap, Ritual Device, Schloss Tegal, Season to Risk, Sideshow, That Statue Moved, Turqoise Sol, Big Richard, Broken Inglish, Cactus Nerve Thang, Chaos, Cher UK, Gorilla Illas, James Grauerholz, LA Ramblers, Life, Martina McBride, Mercy Records, Loaded in Lawrence, Salty Iguanas, Mahoots, Motherwell, Dracomagnet, Psychoviolets, Love Squad, Kill Creek, Nic Cosmos, Lotus Pool Records, Zoom, Transylvania 2000, Bonus Pail, Jeff Smith, Rise, Steve Albini, EJ Rose, Chris Giribaldi, Loud Sounding Dream, Millions, Stick, Truck Stop Love, Zoom, The Blue Things, Bill Lee, Ranger Bob Wilson, Austin Lounge Lizards, Dave and Deke Combo, The Diamonds, Four Men and a Dig, Dave Hole, The Kentucky Colonels, VA, Danny Alexander, Dr. Jannell Carroll, Networking in the Music Industry, Jason Swords, Jagger Unauthorized, Steve Jensen, Jon Niccum, Zoom, Jeremy Sidner, Steve Tubber, Chris Cosgrove, Mark Henning, Tim Kerr Records, Dracomagnet, Jackie Becker, Cactus Nerve Thang, Tim McMahan, Ed Carlson, Patti Scialfa, Season to Risk, Loaded in Lawrence, Cheryl Burns, Steve Scearce, Curt Flowers, Spike Blake, Don Thomason, John Hiatt, Mike Roberts, Julianna Hatfield Three, Cheryl Burns, Wayback Machine, Steve Scearce, Lonesome Houndogs, JL Watson, Jacki Becker, Simon Joyner, Tim McMahan, Billy Idol, Michale Bird, The Moon Seven Times, BJ Huchtemann, Ashley Cleveland, Johsua Redman, Bob McWilliams, The Heartbeats Rhythm Quartet, Dave Kratzer, Pat Metheney, Walnut Valley Festival, Iain Matthews, 900 LBS, Priss, Bo Diddley, James McMurtry, Discarnate, Candlebox, The Fumes, Gil Scott Heron.


What I find especially interesting about this issue is the list of radio stations on page 4 playing local music. There's a lot of writers in this issue that are still working as writers or are in the music business. Bill Lee was on board writing a column titled Dino Tracks. Bill has been entrenched in the Kansas Music Scene for a long time and his historical perspective really tied the scene together. For those of you unaware, a few years back Bill Lee started the Kansas Music Hall of Fame.

     This was a time when PAW had just been signed by A&M Records and was bringing a lot of attention to the area. The item in the "Around Hear" section (PAW to be Tortured, Killed on National Television, Page 5) is especially interesting pointing out the jealousy PAW aroused. Bill Lee's Dino Tracks reminded everyone that the Blue Things were actually the first rock band to be signed from Kansas. 


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