It was a shock when Bob Deck (former Note creative graphics guy) posted news of Brian Marshall's passing. He was just too young. I'll admit, he wasn't a person I liked right away -  but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who felt that way the first time they met him. But people who are smarter than I (Curt Flowers) determined there was a place for Marshall on the Note mast head. He passionately wrote about music whether he liked it or not ao I grew to enjoy his writing even though his lightning rod prose put me in some uncomfortable positions - it's part of the deal when you're the publisher.  In the January 1995 issue, Editor Curt Flowers and Marshall dug through a crate full of demo tapes, CDs, 45s and albums (there were a ton) that area bands sent us to review. The duo penned their thoughts (F for Flowers, BMS for Marshall) about the tunes they heard. I mean... this is what the bands wanted us to do. At least, I thought it was what they wanted us to do until the issue hit the streets. I guess the name "Demolition Derby" didn't really soften the blow most these bands were about to get. Shib

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