The Note June 1988

In This Issue (click to see page): Shelle Rosenfeld, William Lewis, Brad McGinnis, Timm Dower, Jim Kilroy, Bill Bushy, Mark Shelton, Brent Kessler, Joel Hornbostel, Mike Nichols, Jim Beilman, Ray Velasquez, Jim Doyle, Annie Robertson, Joe Satriani, Jeff Black, A Sign of the Times, 4 Sknns, John and Martina McBride Wedding Photo, Donny Overstake, Don Leavell, Eric Nelson, Big Dog Sampler, Pat McJimsey, Cinema, Roxit, Martina McBride, John Salem, The Wichita Linemen, Tyler Lockett, Kevin May, Cheryl Blackwell, Terrance Simien, Matt Guitar Murphey, Grand Emporium, Jazzhaus, Acousticity, Big Dady Kinsey and the Kinsey Report, Kazmeir Maslanka, Guitars and Cadillacs, Blayney's, Rhythm Kings, Ralph Ybarra, Dan Bliss, John Daniels, Gilbert Moton, Lee McBee, Love Squad, Chris Moby, Scott Stubbs, Allen Levine, Joe Salem, Bill Rich, The Backsliders, Walnut Valley Festival, The Kid, Brent Kessler, West First Street, Parlor Frogs, Morrisey, The Clash, Live From Lawrence Compilation, Big Dogs, Ultra Violets, Common Ground, Moving Van Goghs, Todd Newman, Mark Roseberry, Homestead Grays, In/Out, Robin Trower, Roomful of Blues, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Iron Maiden, Alabama, INXS, Iron Maiden, David Berry.

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