The Note May 1989

Inside this issue: Patrick Quinn, Donnie Miller, Banshee, Rainmakers, Peter Case, Steve Jensen, The Cult, Mike Roberts, The Love Squad, Metal Church, Max Worthington, firehose, Swamp Zombies, Marge Brown, Schloss Tegal, Thelonius Monster, Albert Collins and the Ice Breakers, The Pandoras, Royal Court of China, The Mannish Boys, Guadalcanal Diary, Brad McGinnis, Dick Wright, Hurricane, Del Reys, Blivets, Britt Rosenwood, Wichita Rver Festival, The Marauders, Eyes, Sons of Rex, United Entertainment, Bonnie Riatt, Edie Brickell and the Bohemians, Dangerfield McNally and Wise, Dayana Yochim, Barry McCoy, Mike Finnigan, Omaga, KJHK, D Alexander, Throwing Muses, Outhouse, Joel Hornbostel.


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