The Note March 1990

In this issue: Pedal Jets, Stainless Steel, The Catherines, Kill Whitey, Patrick Quinn, Bill Bennett, Joel Hornbostel, Jacalyn Helms Mindell, Sleepytown Productions, Dianna Lynn, Ray's Mail, Davey's Uptown Mgmt, Jack Hanrahan, Miller Band Network, The Front, Aaron Brown, Steve Vai, Cinema, Randy Grphs, Rick Musallem, Bruna Williams, Nathan Berg, Maynard Ferguson, Hunter S Thompson, DJ Ray Velasquez, Dick Wright, Paul Stephen Lim, Art Glover, Christine Covington, JJ Cale, Kim Czarnopys, Mike Roberts, Steve Ozark, Bottleneck, Coyote Club, Marcia Ball, Buddy Guy, Dread Zeppelin, CJ Chenier, Jazzahusm The Grand Emporium, Phoenix Piano Bar, Christy Black, Bill Dye, Daryll Housh, Ian McAtee, Denny Osbourne, Roger Pitts, The Last Camel Collapsed, Lone Star, Guitar Magazine, Banzai Music Awards, Lone Star, Sandstone, Kent Burnham, Tommy Lee Flood, Bill Westfall, YLD, Pat Mullendore, ZRock, Banshee, Rampage, Mortal Reign, Monster, Bill Anthony, Creemwhich, Ronie Fields, Lonnie Ray Allstars, SM Hanson Music, Don Schmidt, Life and Death, Stainless Steel, Dial Tones, Don Schmidt, Keven Kenney, Jennifer McCarter and the McCarters, Steve Ozark, Morris Phillips, Phillips Confections, Brennon Daly, Free State Brewery, Lee Eldridge

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