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Sexless in The Summit - Published in The Summit Independent in August 2003

The lack of available women is one of the most common 
complaints by guys who live in the mountains.I chronicle
the desperate men and offer solutions.

Rock and Roll Royalty: Adventures with Jeff Fortier

As many of you know, my friend (and rock and roll promoter)
Jeff Fortier and I recently returned from a European adventure
where no one got seriously injured.I Can't say the same about
these adventures.


The M80: Firecracker Nirvana -  Published in the Summit Independent 2003

When you're a kid the the world is your chemistry set. This story is an ode to a man whose influence will be part of my life forever - John D. Philbrick


The Evil Rich -  Published in the Summit Independent 2003

 It's well known that I have been conspiring with The ERP
(Evil Rich People) for many years. Now I write about it.


The Couch Surf -  Published in the Summit Independent 2004

When it’s good, couch surfing means no rent, no utilities, and 
no responsibility. But couch surfing can also lead to wipeouts that
test your body and soul.

The Bra Tree - First published 2005 in the Summit Daily

There have been a few times in my life where I have looked up to the Almighty and said, “Okay, I'm ready. It can’t get any better than this.” No doubt I was blessed to live another one of those rare moments on this day, and you can bet that tingle will return anytime I pass this and any other bra tree. More lift time please.


The Dept. of Peace - First published 2003 in the Summit Independent

Recently, Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) proposed a bill to establish a cabinet-level Department of Peace. Sources say our congressional rep. Mark Udall (Democrat) supports it.  I traveled to the future to get the scoop:

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